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Description: MySewnet Gold 2021 is a software for Husqvarna Viking and PFAFF embroidery machines . MySewnet Gold extends the possibilities of your machine and gives you access to practical functions. Software is in English.

Cloud-based software

MySewnet Gold is the world's first subscription-based embroidery software. Thanks to MySewnet, we have access to cloud storage, we can create, modify and share embroidery designs on multiple devices and wirelessly send them to sewing machines. MySewnet Gold software gives you constant access to new applications and functions and is always up to date.

MySewnet Gold Embroidery Program

You can not only embroider patterns, but also freely edit them on your computer. The Gold version gives you access to basic operations such as editing and sorting colors and editing embroidery patterns by mirroring, rotating and scaling. Popular commands - copy, paste, insert or duplicate allow you to quickly make the desired changes. The MySewnet Gold embroidery program also has an active sewing and embroidering assistant and special quick creation modes: express project and express monogram.

Software for machine-embroidery machines

With Mysewnet you can quickly send and receive a file from cloud and update notifications . MySewnet Gold also has beautiful embroidery and font patterns to complement the pattern library on your machine. The program also gives you access to additional fonts, and thanks to the QuickFont application we can convert any font from our computer into an editable embroidery font. For lovers, an additional advantage will be a special quilting program.

The most important features of MySewnet Gold:
- editing of colors and patterns
- mirroring and scaling
- active assistant
- new fonts + Quick Font app
- new designs, including borders and flora
- live preview
- alignment and grouping of elements
- decorating and embellishing

The program for Husqvarna Viking and PFAFF embroidery machines is available in two versions - on the carrier and for download.

The boxed version requires manual updates and does not provide permanent access to the MySewnet library.

Brand: Viking

MFG Barcode: 7393033114695

SKU: 620151496

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