Bernette Cording Foot 20/25/65-92C/London 7 & 8 Bernina

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Description: The Cording foot and Cording foot (M) are experts at couching thin yarns and cords. The Cording foot can couch several cords or yarns at the same time, thanks to the grooves on the underside of the foot. Sewn on flat, the cords resemble elegant braids and trim and offer a simple means of effectively embellishing your own sewing projects. Different sewing and decorative stitches can be used for couching the yarns. A swing-out spring blade on the top of the foot ensures tidy couching of the cords threaded through the foot. It presses securely on the individual threads, holding them in place during the sewing process. Give free expression to your creativity with the Cording foot and Cording foot (M) from the Bernette sewing accessories range!

Brand: Bernette

MFG Barcode: 515151

SKU: 113299

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