Cotton Makó 40wt 1094yds 1154 Dusty Orange

SKU: AURA1040-1154

Aurifil 40wt

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Description: Each spool of AURIfil Cotton Makó is mercerized - this enables fiber's contraction and increases the efficiency during the drying procedure. The result is a high sheen thread with a great washing resistance. The ideal thread for quilting, sewing and embroidery both by hand and machine. Cotton Makò 40 is a favorite thread for machine quilting and all purpose sewing. A little heavier than 50 wt to show off the quilting stitches. Slightly heavier than 50 wt, this thread is perfect for general machine quilting. Cotton Makò 40 has wonderful results with patchwork piecing creations, is really recommended for domestic and long arm quilting machines, and also suitable for garment construction. Green plastic thread holder.

Brand: Aurifil

MFG Barcode: 714329420660

SKU: AURA1040-1154

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