Gilded Age Eggshell Beauty Ads Yardage



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Collection Description: Known as a time of opulence and excess, the Gilded Age flaunted the world's most sumptuous silks, velvets, satins and lace, accentuated by exotic feathers and jewels from around the world. Cosmetics were a work of art, housed in ornate compacts that had as much flare as the women who owned them. Corsets, bustles, ruffled trains and silk gloves were a must, as were the parasols that kept pale completions safe. Aimee's love of antique ephemera and history helped her curate this collection with an eye for capturing the lush detail and artistry that was everyday life for those who lived in the Gilded Age.

Brand: Michael Miller

Designer: Michael Miller

Print Description: This fabric beauty ads on a creamy background.

Material: Cotton

MFG Barcode: 100907


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