Tapestry Digital Cuddle Snow Yardage

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Description: One of three prints in our new “Lone Pine” collection, this Digital Cuddle® minky plush fabric features a beautiful geometric design reminiscent of vintage western tapestries. Customers who purchase Digital Cuddle® Cold West, Tapestry or Wild Horse will receive access to stream or download Lone Pine — Shannon Fabrics’ breakout motion picture short. The film follows the story of the main character Alanna, a young girl who, after losing her father, goes on an annual trip to Lone Pine with her mom where she's led to a few of her favorite places in the area for some unexpected adventures, heartfelt experiences, and of course, some Cuddle.

    Brand: Shannon Fabrics

    Designer: Shannon Fabrics

    Material: Polyester

    MFG Barcode: 840048729613

    SKU: dctapestrysnow

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