Connemara Watercolor Killary Green Yardage

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Collection Description: The Connemara fabric collection from Northcott, designed by Patrick Lose, is a vibrant and unique St. Patrick's Day collection. Including classic Irish plaids, knots, and other motifs, this collection puts a fundamental spin on a joyous occasion, creating the perfect addition to any spring holiday project. Immerse yourself in the essence of St. Patrick's Day with classic Irish plaids, intricate knots, and other symbolic motifs that capture the essence of this cultural celebration. The versatile designs of Connemara make it an ideal choice not just for St. Patrick's Day but for a range of seasonal projects. The lush greens and abstract patterns in the Connemara collection add a touch of sophistication to your crafting endeavors. Whether you're working on quilts, home decor, or apparel, these fabrics bring a refreshing seasonal vibe to your creations. 

Brand: Northcott Fabrics

Designer:  Patrick Lose Fabrics

Print Description: This is a green fabric.

Material: Cotton 

MFG Barcode: 778149096801

SKU: 10430-72

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