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This Spool Thread Holder Stand is good for use of big spools with a home machine. It can hold 3 big cones at a time making for easy transitions. This is really useful and is a great tool in sewing area. A little light weight, but handy. Speeds up your sewing and is so convenient This Separate Thread Spool Holder is so handy when sewing with your embroidery machine. keep three cones of thread ready beside your machine and not have to switch them out other then to re-thread your machine. It has made sewing so much faster and easier Cone Thread Stand is Lightweight but sturdy construction and materials. Easily disassembled for transport to your classes, takes hardly any time to set up. The stand easily holds three large embroidery cones. The height of the stand is high enough for easy use. It's easy to pack Make the sewing work more easier and convenient to use with cone thread. Suitable for overlock machine, households sewing machines or electric sewing machines Material: plastic. Thread stand height: 14.96in/38cm. Base size: 7.87x3.35in/20x8.5cm. Bobbin height: 3.15in/8cm

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