Splendid 2 1/2" Rolie Polie

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Collection Description: Welcome to the charming world of the Splendid Collection by Riley Blake Designs, where elegance and beauty bloom in every fabric! These fabrics are like a bouquet of sophistication, with designs that capture the grace and allure of flowers and patterns. Each pattern is like a brushstroke of refinement, filling your creative projects with a touch of timeless charm. Embrace the beauty of graceful designs and create captivating masterpieces with the Splendid Collection!

Brand: Riley Blake Designs

Designer: Gabrielle Neil Design

Print Description: This 2 1/2" Rolie Polie precut bundle includes 40 pieces from the Splendid collection by Gabrielle Neil Design for Riley Blake Designs. Each print will be included 1-2 times in the bundle.

Material: Cotton 

MFG Barcode: 889333334385

SKU: RP-14310-40

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