Luxe Cuddle Hide Chive Yardage

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Collection: Luxe Cuddle

Brand: Shannon Fabrics

Designer: Shannon Fabrics

Print Description: Worry not, this "hide" isn't made with real animal hide - it's made with plush 100% polyester fibers! This luxurious Luxe Cuddle® minky fabric has a textured surface that features a chic animal hide embossed design. It's as soft as it looks, and with a 10mm pile height, it's both cozy and surprisingly versatile, too! We've seen our Luxe Cuddle® Hide sewn into everything imaginable, from baby blankets and apparel, to quilts, home decor and more.  56" - 60" wide

Material: Polyester

MFG Barcode: 840048715548

SKU: lchidechive

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