On-Point Fauna

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Description: On-Point Fauna Heirloom Collection Anita Goodesign. Create the perfect quilt for the newest addition to your family that will be loved for years to come. With adorable baby animals being featured on each block, you can match this quilt with the colors and theme of a baby’s nursery, or pick colors that will complement any color scheme so it can be loved throughout the years!

For a quilt that will go with any décor, you can follow our color way for an heirloom feel. Tonal creams and whites go with any color scheme, and can still be striking and beautiful! Soft pinks and taupe's for the decorative embroidery add swatches of color to the cream fabrics, without taking away all the attention from the delicate lace. For your quilt, play around with your colors to find what’s perfect for you!

Brand: Anita Goodesign

MFG Barcode: 510638

SKU: 108685 

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