Old Glory Multi 36" x 44" Panel

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Collection Description: Step into the patriotic world of the Old Glory Collection by Moda Fabrics, where stars and stripes unite in a timeless tribute! These fabrics are like a hug from the American flag, with designs inspired by the nation's colors and symbols. Each pattern is like a glimpse of history, filling your creative projects with a touch of pride and honor. Whether you're making patriotic quilts or showing your American spirit through home decor, the Old Glory Collection will infuse your projects with a sense of national pride. Embrace the beauty of tradition and create heartwarming masterpieces with the Old Glory Collection!

Brand: Moda Fabrics

Designer: Lella Boutique

Print Description: This Sweet Land of Liberty Panel is 36" x 44".

Material: Cotton 

MFG Barcode: 752106756113

SKU: 5207 11

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