Next Trellis Quilt

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Description: Bring the beauty of a flower garden indoors with this lovely Trellis Quilt! Each block features a different floral bouquet of flowers such as roses, lavender, crocuses, and more! As you construct your quilt, you’ll create your own garden trellis with vining florals climbing up the folded fabric borders. The collection includes 16 harlequin blocks and 4 setting triangles for you to create the perfect seasonal quilt.

Four sets of the quilt blocks correspond with the four seasons, so you can enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers all year round. Pick your colors based on the true colors of each flower, or take a more creative license and choose your colors based off of four different seasonal color stories.

Brand: Anita Goodesign

MFG Barcode: 510870

SKU: 108941

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