Martelli 28mm Rotary Cutter Right Hand

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Do you experience pain and fatigue in your fingers, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, shoulder, or neck and back after a full day of cutting? Do you have problems with arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, or tendonitis? Then the Martelli ErgoCutter—the only truly ergonomic rotary cutter—is right for you! Unlike traditional rotary cutters, the ErgoCutter is held in a natural position with your arm and palm of your hand evenly distributing all of the pressure. It relies on pressure from your entire arm and hand instead of just your wrist and fingers. Cuts perfect lines and angles. Easy to cut small designs and in small spaces Available sizes 28mm, 45mm, and 60mm. Left- and right-hand models available. Each blade will last 3-5 times longer than your typical blade. Be sure to order extra blades! The design and form of the grip is the key to the ErgoCutter. It facilitates a better, more ergonomic fit in your hand. Research and development was guided by the advice of orthopedic surgeons, occupational therapists, and other qualified professionals.

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