lemur me alone linework tula pink PWTP154-INK

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Tula Pink has done it again! This black and white print fabric collection focus on animals such as Zebras, Pandas, Lemurs, Albino Peacocks, and of course a skunk. Every print has a subtle ombre of background color that repeats at least twice from selvage to selvage so every fat quarter will contain a full spectrum of color! In addition to the six main focal prints, this collection is black and white versions of a few of the True Colors prints. All of the colors present in the prints are pulled from Tula Pink’s True Colors fabrics. It is all designed to go together, each providing what the other needs. Color: black,white,and multi-colored Material: 100% cotton Size: 44" Name/SKU:lemur me alone linework tula pink PWTP154-INK

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