Homemade Quilt

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Description: Homemade Quilt. This quilting collection was inspired by the concept of “bricolage.” The term is derived from the French word bricoler which means to tinker. In art and quilting it has come to refer to anything that has been constructed from whatever is at hand. Thus, a bricolage quilt is constructed from various fabrics that are at hand.

Dig through your scrap bin in your sewing room to find fabrics that speak to you and work well together! If you want a slightly more cohesive quilt, you can find scraps of various patterns that share similar colors.

For our quilt, we wanted to replicate the hodgepodge look of a bricolage quilt, but wanted the quilt to stick to a strict and united colorway. To plan your quilt this way, you can find fabric collections or fat quarter bundles that have a number of various patterns, but share the same color palette.

Brand: Anita Goodesign

MFG Barcode: 510396


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