Golden Eye Quilt Pattern

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Description: Half Square Triangles and two primary color palettes do all the work for the Golden Eye Quilt Pattern. The pattern uses the 8-at-a-time Half Square Triangle (HST) method to avoid bias and wonky triangles. Choose from solids, blenders, and small print fabrics. You need two primary colors or color groups for this quilt, referred to as Color A and B. Each color or color group may be a single color of light to dark or different prints.

They may also be a group of colors like all warm or all cool colors. The important consideration when choosing fabrics is that all Color A Fabrics contrast all Color B Fabrics. This is critical for helping the movement and shape of the quilt stand out. I consider this a “controlled improv” pattern because the exact color placements aren’t planned.

Brand: Jittery Wings Quilt Co.

Designer: Mitzie Schafer

MFG Barcode: 099854351789

SKU: 123639

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