Fall Potpourri Metallic Gray Tossed Pumpkins Yardage

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Collection Description: Fall Potpourri by Andrea Tachiera for Henry Glass Fabrics. Autumn shimmers brightly in this classy cool, metallic collection. Fall Potpourri by Andrea Tachiera will allow you to greet guests with golden gourds and scintillate with silver accents. Completing this gorgeous set from Henry Glass: plaid, stripes, maple leaves and other fall foliage will give you lots of elegant options to accentuate your décor as the leaves change outside.

Brand: Henry Glass & Co.

Designer: Andrea Tachiera

Print Description: The main pattern can be described as an arrangement of 6 different blocks of decorative pumpkins on a white silver background.

Material: Cotton

MFG Barcode: 703081221769

SKU: 232M-39

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