MachineLITE MT-80 Double Bright Touch Light (Light Only)

SKU: 106139


Sale price$30.00


Description: 240 Lumens, 100,000 hour LEDs, a durable stick of light that attaches any machine or surface, touch On/Off Switch, and USB dongle for power, 6 pcs TacDots™ for Wire Management. You will need a Micro USB Android cord and USB wall plug to power this light. Note: This light does not plug into an Android cell phone. You can use your own Micro USB Android power cable or purchase one of our Power Kits (LT-PK1, LT=PK2, LT-PK3). *We also offer Adapters for Apple Lightning cables and USB C cables. Warranty: Limited Lifetime for manufacturing defects only. Worldwide patents pending. Made in USA

Brand: Sew Lite

MFG Barcode: 508115

SKU: 106139

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