DOH Bear Embroidery Files

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These are optional embroidery files that can be used to make the bear's face. Please click on the links below to download the files. 

Bears require the largest hoop size14 x 9.5

Hoop stabilizer of choice, I use tear away 1, stitch placement stitch
2. lay fabric down right side up
3. stitch tack down stitch

4. stitch nose and mouth
5. stitch eyes
6 if making bear with heart stitch heart, if not go to next step 7. lay bear back fabric down right side down
8. stitch bean stitch to sew back to front.
9. remove from hoop and remove stabilizer

Trim close to stitches leaving quarter inch seam. clip curves and turn right side out. Stuff and using invisible stitching sew opening closed, i like to use a mattress stitch, but a ladder or overcast stitch works too

For best results on Minky use a dissolvable stabilizer under face stitching.


12" Bear Face

12" Bear Face- plain

12" Bear Face with filled heart

12" bear with open heart


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