Tenderwood Fern Toss Yardage

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Collection Description: Tenderwood

Brand: Northcott

Designer: Sherri Buck Baldwin

Print Description: Created by talented artist and designer, Sherri Buck Baldwin, Tenderwood is characterized by beautifully illustrated forest animals. The collection features ferns and footprints, as well as a variety of natural textures inspired by a woodland palette of browns, tans, grays and greens. The focal print appears to be a panel, but is actually running yardage offering maximum flexibility. The featured block print can be deconstructed and reconstructed in a variety of ways. This endearing collection is ideal for young and old alike working equally well as a nursery quilt, a lap quilt, a table topper, placemats and even toss cushions. 

Material: Cotton

MFG Barcode: 778148283394

SKU: 24176-74

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