Foxxy Digital Cuddle® Rust

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Description: Cunning, sophisticated and just plain cute, this digitally-printed Cuddle ® fox fabric is a must-have for animal lovers of any age! It features watercolor-inspired illustrated foxes that look like stuffed animals, and the solid background with sparse foliage gives the print a timeless, classic feel. Digital Cuddle® Foxxy Rust is surprisingly versatile  it looks great sewn into minky fabric throw blankets, wearable scarves and even pet beds or accent pillows! Don’t be afraid to really use this fabric, it’s durable enough for outside picnics or cozying up at the campsite, too!

  • Width:58/60"

Brand: Shannon Fabrics

Designer: Shannon

Material: Polyester

MFG Barcode: 840048733320

SKU: dcfoxxyrust

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