Roar! Cuddle® Teal

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Description: You're going to be hearing a "Roar!" or two once the little one in your life gets their hands on this super cute dinosaur-themed minky plush fabric! Our RKC Dino Cuddle® is covered in dinosaur illustrations of all shapes and sizes - they have a bit of a geometric flair to them too, with each fitting like puzzle pieces between nearby dinosaurs. This prehistoric print comes in two color options (Scarlett and Teal) and would look great in any dinosaur-themed bedroom or sewing project!

A similar print is also offered in our Embrace® line as Spotosaurus Embrace® Cobalt!

  • Width:58/60"

Brand: Shannon Fabrics

Designer: Shannon

Material: Polyester

MFG Barcode: 840048708663

SKU: cproarteal

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