Coloring on the Farm 10" Squares 42pcs Layer Cake

SKU: 10-12230-42


Sale price$39.99


Collection: Coloring on the Farm

Brand: Riley Blake

Designer: Crayola

Material: Cotton

Description: Children all around the world have been imagining life on the farm with crayons for decades. With Coloring on the Farm, you can take these great Crayola colors and make some fun projects filled with happy barn animals. Cows, chickens, pigs, horses and sheep charmingly shaded on bright prints that will have your kids clucking, mooing and bawwing for more.  This 10" Stacker precut bundle includes 42 pieces from Coloring on the Farm. Each print will be included 2-3 times in the bundle.

MFG Barcode: 889333260479

SKU: 10-12230-42

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