Classical Études

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Description: Classical Études Embroidery Collection. These swirling musical designs are the perfect touch to all sorts of projects. Whether you are a lover of strings or brass, each of these stunning designs captures musicality in stitches, creating a swimming scene of music notes in every stitch out. From treble clefs to the tremolo of the bass, this collection will have you singing with joy.

Take a look at the classical instruments that are highlighted in each design, you may find one you love to play, have been yearning to learn, or just enjoy listening to! Also included is a project for creating a book cover to stitch your musical design on. Create one for a family member or friend that is learning to play, or even an expert musician who wants a beautiful cover to decorate their sheet music!

Brand: Anita Goodesign

MFG Barcode: 510394

SKU: 108441

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