Broken Moons Quilt Pattern



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Description: The moon has always fascinated me as it waxes and wanes monthly as generally does the menstrual cycle. This pattern is a redesign of my previous pattern, Many Moons, to represent the damage being done to women in the US with the overturn of Roe vs. Wade. For nearly 2 decades, I worked in Women's Health as an RN, NP, and Certified Nurse Midwife. I can't begin to describe how strongly I feel about the importance of women having the right to make their own health choices.

One of the first things taught in nursing school is that the role of health care providers is to teach so that people can make good decisions regarding their health. It is not my place or the government's place to make other people's health decisions. It is the individual's choice. My heart is breaking. Finished size is 42" x 42" or 63" x 63".

Brand: Snapdragon Quilting

Designer: Jennifer Wagner

MFG Barcode: 644625517316


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