Blizzard Pine/Red Novelty Houses & Trees 55621 213Yardage

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Collection description:  When we were growing up in snowy Colorado, the most magical word in the dictionary was “blizzard”. That single word meant school snow days, sledding, building a snowman and endless cups of hot cocoa.  Now that we’re all grown up, we dread anything to do with a blizzard. Blowing snow, freezing temperatures, icy roads and power outages aren’t really that fun. For this collection, we wanted to go back in time and celebrate those carefree days of our youth. Seeing that cute little snowman
on fabric almost makes us yearn for a snow day. Actually, there would be nothing better than sipping hot cocoa and sewing with Blizzard all day!

Brand: Moda

Designer:  Sweetwater

Print Description: Houses and trees

Material: Cotton 

MFG Barcode: 752106722569

SKU: 55621 23

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