Bernette Blind Hem Foot 20/25/65-92C/London 7 & 8 Bernina

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Description: Blind hem foot (L) and Blind hem foot (F) let you successfully sew challenging blind hems and perform other hemming tasks. The stitches pierce the hem only slightly, so that the stitch holes are hardly visible on the front of the project. This yields a seemingly untouched piece of fabric with no visible seam, making the Blind hem foot ideal for hems on garments or home furnishings. The Blind hem foot is ideally suited for all types of fabric. Thanks to its guide blade, it can also be used for the even topstitching of straight edges. For this, sew with your needle fully to the left, guiding the fabric along the edge of the guide. Discover Blind hem foot (L) and Blind hem foot (F) in the bernette sewing machine range.

Brand: Bernette

MFG Barcode: 515146

SKU: 113294

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