Aurifil Cotton Mako Thread 12wt 50m (54 yards) Black

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Aurifil 12wt

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12 Weight Egyptian Cotton thread from Aurifil. Hand and Machine Applications. Small Spools 54yd/50m.

Hand quilting
Achieve beautiful results using the ‘Big Stitch’ or ‘Utility Stitch’ with a larger eyelet needle and for Sashiko type work

Hand Appliqué
Use 12wt for hand appliqué, Buttonhole stitch for a primitive look and for Blanket Stitch appliqué.

Hand Embroidery
Used as a replacement for stranded & pearl embroidery threads for the stitchery blocks.

Hand Embellishment
Use 12wt to add embroidery stitches as embellishment on a quilt surface.

Machine Appliqué
Use 12wt for a heavy Blanket Stitch or for a primitive look use a Buttonhole Stitch. (Use 50wt in the bobbin)

Machine embroidery
12wt is beautiful for designs that use a longer stitch length. Use a Top Stitch 100/16 needle.

Machine Quilting
Superb for art quilting when heavier thread effects are desired . Beautiful on linen and denim fabric . Use a 90/14 topstitch needle.

Material: Cotton

Brand: Aurifil 

MFG Barcode: 8057252037836

SKU: MAKO12-2692

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