Anita Goodesign Yuletide Skirt Project Collection

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Description: Tree skirts have been a timeless addition to holiday décor in countries across the globe. Believe it or not, the skirt itself had a practical purpose at its beginning! The early beginning of Christmas tree decorating is believed to have started in Germany, where they hung bows and placed candles throughout the tree to bring holiday cheer to the home. Something was needed to catch falling candle wax and thus, the tree skirt was born!

Our tree skirt features multiple quilting techniques for you to decorate every tree in every corner of your house! Three tiers of quilt blocks create a column that you then repeat 15 times to create the entire circle skirt! You can create a different quilt for every tree by mixing and matching the four techniques. This yuletide collection features holiday symbols and characters that you know and love such as snowmen, Santa, poinsettias, and sew much more!

Brand: Anita Goodesign

MFG Barcode: 508185

SKU: 106208

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