Anita Goodesign Patchwork Pets Quilting Projects Collection

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Description: For our Patchwork Pets Quilt, we decided to pull out all the stops and combine several of our favorite quilting techniques for the ultimate patchwork collection! Each design in this collection features folded fabric in the background with decorative motif accents and some standard appliqué, while each pet is pieced together using the crazy quilt technique and standard appliqués. Hoop sizes 5” x 7” to 7” x 12”.

We have included 16 quilt blocks as well as a set of narrow and wide sashing blocks for you to create your perfect Patchwork Pets Quilt! These quilt blocks come in 6 sizes each and you can pair this collection with any of our other Mix & Match quilts to create a beautiful and personal quilt that no one else will have.

Brand: Anita Goodesign

Designer: Annie Doar

MFG Barcode: 516433

SKU: 114582

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