Anita Goodesign Folk Needlepoint Quilt Needlework Project Collection

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Description: Avoid the long hours spent with a needle in hand to create a needlepoint masterpiece. Instead, let your embroidery machine do all the work! These simple and easy designs feature folk-inspired motifs brought to you by the click of a button. Watch as your embroidery machine stitches these decadent 15-ply bean stitch motifs, designed to mimic traditional hand-stitched needle work. If that’s not enough precious time saved, each of these designs also include folded fabric corner borders that perfectly frame the centered motif.

When these blocks are pieced together into a quilt, the folded fabric corners will look just like quarter-square triangles, which are typically used in traditional quilt designs. You can easily combine your favorites into a wall hanging, tote bag, or back and bind them into a stunning bedspread.

Brand: Anita Goodesign

Designer: Lindsey Griffin

MFG Barcode: 516439

SKU: 114588

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