American Muscle Furry Dice Patriotic Yardage

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Collection Description: For all gearheads out there, Chelsea DesignWorks has created a nostalgic 1970’s muscle car collection in a patriotic palette. Altogether, there are 13 skus including a pattern with 10-inch square blocks showing six different views of muscle cars and gas stations in a 24” repeat. Other patterns are two different layouts of muscle car all-overs, a collage of muscle cars with gas station and car icons, spark plugs, tone-on-tone car parts, a tire tracks stripe, stars, flags and of course, the 1970’s classic, furry dice!

Brand: Studio E

Designer: Chelsea DesignWorks

Print Description: A print of fuzzy dice.

Material: Cotton

MFG Barcode: 703081221554

SKU: 5338-78

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