#95 Binder Foot

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Description: #95 Binder Foot. For beautifully finished edges. The 5.5 mm foot for Binder attachments #87 and #88. The notch at the side allows closer access to the binder attachment. For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines. 

Binder Foot #95 is a special presser foot for use in conjunction with binder attachments for pre-folded and unfolded bias tape.

The special design of this presser foot supports and facilitates sewing with Binder Attachment #87 and #88. Binder Foot #95 enables you to create neat, even edge finishes on quilts, home furnishings and garments, so both simple and elaborate sewing projects are successfully completed in no time.

Brand: Bernina

MFG Barcode: 033554.71.00

SKU: 1480109135

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