100/16 Needle Hemstitch Single Bernina

SKU: 113310

Sale price$5.99


A single wing needle for decorative stitching on tightly woven fabrics. One (1) needles per pack. Most Schmetz needles include two color-coded bands just below the shank. The top color code indicates the type of needle and the lower band indicates the size. Schmetz Hemstitch Needles do not have a top color code, but they do still have a size color code. The lower color band on these needles will be different for each size. The Hemstitch needle, sometimes is called a Wing Needle. It is used to create decorative openwork or cut-work on tightly woven fabrics. This needle comes in sizes 100 and 120 and should be used with caution as it is very sharp and is made to actually cut the fabric. The user may want to use a stabilizer and experiment with decorative stitches when using this needle. Carefully hand turn the needle through the stitch movements before actually trying it on the project to assure that the throat plate opening will accommodate the design! Using a straight stitch plate will probably result in a broken needle.

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