Whether your looking for a flashy, Vegas-style quilt, or something more traditional, we've got a free quilt pattern for you! The patterns on this page are easy to follow and, as mentioned are completely free! We also have YouTube Tutorials where a member of the Sew Yeah Family will show you how to complete the project!
All of the Above Quilt
Apple Core Quilt
Baby Blanket Quilt
Baby Pin Dash Quilt
Block Block Quilt
Boxed In Quilt
Bull's Eye Quilt
Card Trick Quilt
Center Court Quilt
Chevron Quilt
Chinese Puzzle Quilt
Churn Dash Quilt
Coin Quilt
Coin Machine Quilt
Crazy Eight's Quilt
Dart Quilt
Delectable Mountains Quilt
Diamond Ripple Quilt
Disappearing Hourglass Quilt
Dizzy Dancing Quilt
Dream House Quilt
Escalator Quilt
Fast and Easy Baby Quilt
Fat Quarter Fancy Quilt
Fat Quarter Fancy II (Kaffe)
Firecracker Quilt
Floppy Ear Cat Quilt
Flying Geese Quilt
Four Patch Quilt
Four Patch Escape Quilt
French Braid Quilt
Funky Chicken Quilt
Hashtag Quilt
Heart Quilt
Inception Quilt
Jelly Roll coin Quilt
Jelly Roll Flip Quilt
Jumbo Lone Star Quilt
Lantern Quilt
Layer Cake 4 Patch
Light's Out Quilt
Lightning Pinwheel Quilt
Log Cabin Block Quilt
Magic Squares Quilt
Mime Quilt
Mix and Match Quilt
Modern Bear Paw Star Quilt
Modern Ribbon Quilt
Modern Spools Quilt
Mystic Star Quilt
Neon Lights Quilt
Nine Patch Quilt
Paint Drip Quilt
Pharaoh's Quilt
Pineapple Quilt
Plaid Quilt
Plus Quilt
QR Quilt
Racetrack with Triangles Quilt
Raggy Quilt
Rail Fence Quilt
Retro Quilt
Roaring Waves Quilt
Scraparius Ambifidus (Zach's Scrap Quilt)
Sew Positive (+) Quilt
Shaded Star Quilt
Shadow Star Quilt
Side Step Quilt
Snail Trail Quilt 
Stair Stack Quilt
Star Bright Quilt
Stash-Busting Pinwheel Quilt
Stepping Stones Quilt
Strip Mirage Quilt
Summer Popsicle Quilt
Sweet & Simple Quilt
This Way That Way Quilt
Tunnel of Light Quilt
Twisted Ribbon Quilt
Twisted Star Quilt
Two Hour Power Strip Quilt
Wacky Wonky Quilt
Ziggy Pop Quilt
2 Hour Power Strip Quilt
3-Color Coin Quilt
3-4-5 Quilt
10 Minute Block Quilt