Hello quilting adventurer! 
I see you're interested in becoming a legend, yes? Well, you've come to the right place! Read the rules below to learn how you can

go down in quilting history

as the winner of the
Sew Yeah's 3 Yard Quilt Competition.
Good luck, my friend! 
1) All fabric used in your quilt must have been purchased from Sew Yeah.
2) Quilt size: Must use a 3 yd cut of fabric for backing (or equivalent pieced back)
3) Quilt tops must include 3 different fabrics, no more; no less.
4) Quilt backings may be of any type, but will be considered in the overall project -All projects will be considered as a whole. 
5) Quilt tops can be submitted, but may be at a disadvantage to finished quilts (i.e., if you submit a phenomenal quilt top you will be awarded points for the difficulty of the work completed, but will not receive as many point in the aesthetic appeal area).
6) Quilts will be evaluated on the following criteria
  • Difficulty of project
  • Completeness of project
  • Aesthetic appeal (i.e., how impressive the project is as a whole)
  • Possible extra/ deciding point(s) for a "Wow factor" (e.g., taking ugly fabric and making something beautiful, original design/ pattern, or other attribute that could be used to break a tie).

7) Pictures of all quilts must be submitted via email to destash@sewyeahquilting.com by no later than midnight April 1st, 2022.