Kaffe Fassett Collective February 2020 Jumble Scarlet Yardage

SKU: PWBM053.Scarlet


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Collection Description: There's quite a lot of purple zig zagging across this fabric!What time of the day is your favorite time to sew? Whether you enjoy sewing at sunrise, sunset, or all day long, the Kaffe Fassett Collective February 2020 collection will give you plenty of fun and color to work with! If you need warm colors, take a look at the Sunrise prints! Or if you need cooler and more mellow colors then the Dusk prints are just right for you!

Brand: Free Spirit

Designer: Kaffe Fassett

Print Description: A fun print with bright zig zags.

Material: Cotton

MFG Barcode: 803081011015

SKU: PWBM053.Scarlet

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